Adopt a Tiger  Unlike other species of cats, tigers are competent swimmers; they will readily enter the water, and can be found lying half submerged in streams and lakes in the mid- day sun.   Gift a Rabbit Three rabbits like these will soon become thirty-three, and the income they bring will help a family, Hoppy days! Adopt a Puffin  One of Scotland’s most recognisable birds, the puffin nests on cliffs and islands in various locations on the Scottish coast. Adopt a Panda  Pandas have lived on our planet for about 3 million years. Don’t let them become nothing more than a memory. Tree & Flower Adoption  Adopt trees, wildflowers, ponds, heathlands & meadows.    To place your advert click here C “There is no joy in life unless three things are available: clean fresh air, abundant pure water, and fertile land.”.